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QUESTION: I hate to ask such a beginners question but I am having an issue accessing my router to make changes in the number of people that can log on at one time as well as do away with the password.  I actually setup the router but now......I can't connect to it.

I have AT&T U-verse modem with a AT&T WAP.  My pc is wired directly to the internet.

How do I make the connection to access my router.  It is a Linksys EA4500.

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ANSWER: Hey Johnnie...
Certainly no issues on this question but it seems that you may have to either try to figure out the password to log in if you changed. Else it could be a default username or password written on the box or the device. If not, you may need to factory reset and configure it again.
Also this router should have come with a Ethernet cable which you can plug directly into one of the ports and try using the CD. CD may/may not have instruction for you to follow.

I would suggest not to do away with the password but have something to restrict outsiders.DO let me know if you succeed or not.

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QUESTION: I know the passwords.  The problem is actually connecting to the router itself.  When I enter I get a message they router is not on-line and not recognized.

I cannot see the router via the desktop which is my problem.  I don't have it connected correctly...........I didn't have this problem before and I cannot figure out how to resolve it.

Can you check the IP address of your desktop, Johnnie. Are there any proxy IP's configured.
If you go to command prompt and do "ipconfig" you will get the information.

What port are you connecting it to? Is the cable allright? PLease check and let me know.

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