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General Networking/Lan/Wan/Teamviewer Application Usage in Internet Cybercafe


Dear John‎

Will Cybercafe owner will allow to download and install teamviewer application on their PC for Surfers/ Browsers to connect to Remote Computers or the other Party to connect to their PC via Teamviewer application ?.

The Surfers are accessing the Internet by paying fee to Cybercafe Owner for every hour/s.

Will there be impact on Internet Bandwidth while remote session is
initiated with another machine through teamviewer application ?.
i.e. Whether Overall network will slow down ?.

As a example suppose there are 10 computers in Internet cybercafe so the other 9 Surfers who are surfing/browsing the internet will get a slow internet connection speed ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

1. Each cyber cafe will have it's own rules on whether you can install software or not. An option you can try is teamviewer portable it does not need to be installed it is a portable app than can be downloaded and run or used from a USB stick -

2. The internet cafe's Internet is shared by users, so depending on the amount of bandwidth the Cafe has purchased and what others users are doing, yes you could see performance degradation as more users get online or consume bandwidth with the tasks they are doing.  

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