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General Networking/Lan/Wan/Teamviewer Application Usage in Internet Cybercafes


Dear John‎

Will Cybercafe owner will allow to download and install teamviewer application on their PC for Surfers/ Browsers to connect to Remote Computers or the other Party to connect to their PC via Teamviewer application ?.

The Surfers are accessing the Internet by paying fee to Cybercafe Owner for every hour/s.

Will there be impact on Internet Bandwidth while remote session is
initiated with another machine through teamviewer application ?.
i.e. Whether Overall network will slow down ?.

As a example suppose there are 10 computers in Internet cybercafe so the other 9 Surfers who are surfing/browsing the internet will get a slow internet connection speed ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

TeamViewer and its peers aren't going to use bandwidth to an appreciable degree that differs from other users.  But they're an unnecessary application and should not be used.  They're marketed to people who aren't familiar with security or with networking.  Open Source tools do what Teamviewer does, have done it for at least two decades longer than these browser-based tools, and are Free Open Source Software.  They may not be as easy to use for the security-inexperienced person but these are people who should not be permitted to use such tools without first learning what the tool does, how it does it and how to keep it secured.  

(A common route to credit card theft is putting such tools on a Point of Sale machine.  Sometimes even leaving the default password set.  Even if that password is changed, a POS machine should not be directly accessible from outside the network.)

In your last paragraph:  The person using the Remote app is just a user, like all others.  Their data, as it passes through the router, will be subject to the same throttling that other users experience.  But it is the router that determines usage, not the users.

P.S. FOSS: ssh and VNC; before that there was telnet.

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