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Hi -

The wireless router (Netgear N150) is connected to an Arris modem (Comcast) located in the home office, about 60 feet (and a couple of walls) away from the TV. No problems with the Tivo wireless connection or Netflix (Roku) streaming.

And yet, the laptop and tablet often have difficulty maintaining a connection in the same area as the TV. And there are times when the laptop/tablet shows a solid 5-bar connection but there's actually no internet access - in the same spot where Netflix is streaming with no problems.

Sure would like to understand how and why this happens. And can you recommend a better router or other means of alleviating the situation?



Hi Steve, and thanks for your question.

I think that since some devices are working without issue, the problem most likely lies in the devices having issues rather than the router.  

With the troublesome devices, first of all make sure that all device updates (i.e., Windows updates, device driver updates, etc) are installed.  You may have to go to the manufacturer's web site to get the latest drivers for your devices; especially make sure the WiFi adapter firmware and software is up to date.

If you are all up to date and still having the problem, try physically removing the wireless network adapter (power off the device, remove the adapter, and restart it, then shut down, reinstall the adapter, and restart).  You may need to manually update the wireless adapter again to ensure it's fully up to date.  

If you're still having trouble, there may be a subtle inconsistency between the wireless adapter and the router.  The least expensive thing to do is to try an external WiFi adapter for your troublesome devices and see if that helps.  You will want to try a Netgear adapter for this experiment, since that's your router brand and the most likely not to have problems.

As a last resort, you can try a different router.  

Good luck, and I hope this helps,


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