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I want to set up a second wifi source in my home to eliminate some dead spots.  Can I connect my cable modem to an ethernet switch and then connect from there to two wireless routers?  Alternately, could I connect the ethernet output of my existing router to a second wireless router?

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Hi Chris, and thanks for your question.

First of all, my apologies for not replying sooner.  I didn't receive the notification email for your question; I found this when I was on the site for another question.

Yes, you can add a second wireless access point, but it will work a little differently that you described.

What you can do is to connect a switch to one of the LAN ports on your existing router, or if your router already has an unused LAN port, you can forego the switch entirely.  Next, you will need a device to act as a wireless access point (WAP).  You can buy a WAP device, or if you have one, you can use a modified wireless router as a WAP.  All you need to do to use a router as a WAP is to assign is a static IP address (something in the range supported by your existing router but not in the DHCP assignment range), and to disable the DHCP server.  Finally, run a cable from your existing router to the location for your WAP and make the connection.

Here are a few sites that tell you exactly what you need to do:

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