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i need to connect two laptops for info sharing

Hi Moses,

Well that depends on what are you planing to do with the data. The simple way to do that is by
connecting the two laptops with crossover cable between the two Ethernet connections of each laptops and you are done (Peer-To-Peer connection). But, for most people that wouldn't be sufficient because you want Internet and access to other devices on your local network (LAN). Investing in a Router/Switch
can do the job nicely. In that scenario you will connect by Cat 5/6 Ethernet cable to to Router/Switch and you share your local resources (documents, pictures, music etc.)
Windows offer step-by-step instructions for sharing resources here: Some more information about setting up Home network can be found here: Using crossover cable to connect two computers:
Crossover cables can be obtained from this company (just an example):
Finally here's a simple tutorial for setting up a Home Network which cover the basic aspects
of Home Network:

I really hope that will answer your question


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