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QUESTION: i have two laptops in the same building, both are connected wireless. What i need is for them to be able to share any work done.

ANSWER: So both are connected to your network already? Can be be more specific about what type of work you want to share? Does your network have a common file server?


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QUESTION: Not really sure how to answer your question; I work in a small store with two laps', most of my work is done on the lap in the back office, but I need to be able to finish that same work at the other. Like I said, both are wireless.

Almost all laptops are wireless these days. But that just means they are capable of connecting to a network that supports WiFi connections. Do you have such a network? If so, how it is setup? Are the laptops the only 2 computers in the store? What type of work do you do on the laptops?

There are several possible answers to your question, but I need to know the layout to know which is applicable.


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