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I have a 2008 laptop that's not wifi ready. It doesn't have wifi.

How do I get an internet connection on it, and what are all the things I need to connect to the internet on my laptop.

Thank you.


ANSWER: What kind of computer is it, as far as make and model?

Any laptop or mobile device from 2008 should have some type of wifi connection. Maybe it has the hardware needed and is either broken or needs a driver? I can help with that if I have the make/model and possibly service tag.

Does it have a network/RJ45 port on it? You could connect a network cable.

If you want to use it wirelessly, and it doesn't have any network connection, depending on the hardware and operating system, you could get a USB wifi adapter. I can help with that as well if I have the make/model.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The computer is a Dell Inspiron 1525.

It seems that should definitely have wifi. Dell has what's called a service tag, on the bottom of the computer. If you are able to provide that I can see the details on what the computer was configured with, and if it confirms it has wifi, I can help show you where the driver is so you can install that, which should make the wifi work.

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