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I have a 2008 laptop that's not wifi ready. It doesn't have wifi.

How do I get an internet connection on it, and what are all the things I need to connect to the internet on my laptop.

Thank you.


Hi Kari, and thanks for your question.

You may be correct that your old laptop does not have WiFi, but you may want to take a closer look.  Practically all laptops manufactured in the past 10 years or more have WiFi capability built into them.  It may simply be that the WiFi adapter is disabled or switched off.  First of all, check to see if there is a switch, usually located on one side of the laptop, above the keyboard, or a "soft" switch operated with a special key combination.  If the switch is on, then the adapter may be disabled in the BIOS; you may need to check with the manufacturer's web site for instructions to see if that is the case.

If your laptop truly has no WiFi function, there is still a simple solution.  All you need to do is purchase a USB WiFi adapter. In fact, if you search for "USB WiFi adapter", you will find a number of devices available for less than US$10.  

Good luck, and I hope this helps!


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