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If I connect to my hotspot on my phone at work and disconnect from the local network how do I connect to my network drives?

If you are connected to your phone's hotspot then you are on the Internet and not your companies private network.  I have to assume that your company perhaps blocks access to something that you wish to take a look at some site during the day?

Anyway, assuming that you have a VPN client on your laptop/workstation - you can then connect THROUGH your phone back into your company and access your network drives.  If you don't have a VPN client ... you would need to request one from your IT people.  This might be a normal request from you IF you have a laptop and some need to remotely connect from home or a client site.  It would be a very unusual request if you have a desktop computer ...

The only alternative is to leverage your wireless for your phone and your Ethernet jack for the local network - assuming that is even available.

I hope this helps!


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