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QUESTION: Hi Maury, my name is Felix, I am moving to a new home, I am having some dilemas as to how to wire my home network! im gonna be living in a two story house, the way i want to lay it out is that ive have a htpc in the main floor which i want wired connectly via gigabit, a desktop computer at the basement which i also want wired connectly via gigabit. My laptop and another computer which is gonna be connecting wirelessly and other mobile stuff like ipad and iphone that will connect wirelessly as well! everything on the second floor is gonna connect via wifi

now my problem is i have a NAS that i want to hook up in the basement! i want all computers and mobile devices to see each other on the network! so heres my layout can you tell me if it will work would all my devices see my NAS?

cable modem to wifi router, htpc connected to router, then switch connects to router, then my desktop pc and NAS connects to switch, would the HTPC be able to see my NAS? same as the wifi devices? and would the HTPC be able to see my desktop pc?


ANSWER: In a word Yes :-)  As you plan to plug the switch into the router that will have the switch act as an extension to your router. Your router can then act as the DHCP server to your whole network. Then as long as all the devices are on the same subnet ( ex:, etc) and all the devices are pingable and within the same workgroup you will be good.

Home that helps.

Feel free to ask more if you need clarification

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QUESTION: would it be possible if the layout is like this, cable modem - wifi router - switch - then another wifi router and NAS hooked up to the switch to extend the range!  would the computers connected to 2nd wifi router see the NAS hooked up to the switch or primary wifi router for that matter?

the layout for my house ethernet wiring doesnt give me to many options, all the ethernet ports on each room 2nd floor and main floor goes down to the basement! the main trunk line "dsl line" would be coming in from the basement! and i cant or would not like my wifi router to be located in the basement, so my only choice is to put the wifi router in the mainfloor and have another cat 6 cable go down to my basement to go back to the switch, which will the go back up to the other rooms up top!


You can use a second wireless router to extend the range. Another option is to buy a wireless extender/repeater to cover more of your home with wireless. What you are suggesting will work
as long as all the devices are on the same subnet ( ex:, etc) and all the devices are pingable and within the same workgroup. I suggest the range extender because it will likely give you less grief getting all the devices to see each other as it will act as an extention to your current wireless router.  

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