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My house has only a wireless network (it's too old to have drywall) so I rely on the wireless signal. My media server (Western Digital) is on the opposite side, one floor down, as the wireless router source. I regularly enjoyed Netflix and Google ChromeCast movies from a PC in the same room running Windows XP and Flex Media Server software.
Now I'm experiencing connectivity issues. Netflix is slow to load and sometimes can't stay connected. ChromeCast seldom stays connected and now I'm having connectivity issues with the PC - the network connection just drops. A laptop running Windows 7 right next to the PC never has issues.
I find it hard to believe XP is at fault but I haven't changed anything. The router is a D-Link DIR655. This all happened pretty gradually over the last 2 months.
I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations.

First, I would replace the XP machine. Since XP has been sunsetted, you are more exposed to malware, which could be the cause of your problems. Second I would consider upgrading to a new AC router, you will get a better range and stronger signal.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


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