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i'm From Srilanka
i checked the speed test it shows another country network speed to me so how to connect with that
It shows maldives country for us near it speed awesome
how can i connect
How to increase my internet speed
how to speed up my torrent download speed

please help me
please reply as soon as possible

Your Internet speed is controlled by your internet provider (The provider you pay for your internet connection)
Most Internet providers have packages available with higher speeds for an extra cost. Paying for a faster internet connection will likely increase the speed of your internet surfing experience, but it may not give you the desired results you are after for torrents.
Torrents are a peer to peer network, your download speed is limited by what the other users that have the files have allowed for a upload speed from their computers.
So even if you already have a really fast internet connection you are still limited by the speed other people have. You will only see an increase in download speeds if the site's you are downloading from are also high speed.

If you have a 4 litre bucket but water is only dripping and it takes a long time to fill the bucket. If you buy a 8 litre bucket it will not fill any faster because you are reliant on the speed of the water dripping out to you.  Internet is the same way, you can buy a faster connection (Bigger bucket) but if the sites delivering the files are slow (Slow dripping) the faster connection (Bigger Bucket) will not help. Only if the side delivering the files is sending faster than you can receive will a faster connection help.

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