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QUESTION: Dear Sudhanshuji,
         I want to know how to install and configure wi-fi, in an hotel with walls of each rooms, and 3 floors, and also to assign a temp user every time a person check's in...,

and also need to configure a firewall, the hotel has 10 systems and three laptops, an bio matrix reader, an wi-fi printer...

kindly guide me how to solve the issue..

Thanking you
Warm Regards
Rajender Parmar

ANSWER: Rajendra Ji,
You would need a connection from Airtel/Reliance/BSNL etc who would terminate a router at your premises to give you good coverage in common area/lobby. Then you need to do some investments like buying WiFi routers, extenders (or more than one WiFi access points) to provide reach to each floor/room. Once you have WiFi connection, you would need to connect rest of the access points to the one having central access in ad-hoc mode so that they do not provide IP address and work only as extenders.

For providing access each time a user comes in you can look out for free software to manage WiFi access. Buying a licensed one should be postponed for sometime till you see use of it.

For firewall you can decide to go for a hardware one or a software one in one of your servers. By the way, routers these days come with optimum functionality to provide firewall feature which should be good enough to start with.

Hope this helps

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QUESTION: Thank you Sudhanshuji,
         How do I configure an router in ad-hoc mode i have 2 routers that is I-ball 300M MIMO TRIPLE SMART ROUTER and D-link9DSL-2730U) N-150 ADSL-2+MODEM ROUTER both has Wi-Fi,

Where do I find the option of firewall in the above said router..


your routres CLI should be able to give you these options. Since I have not usedd any of these routers, I may not be able to guide you where to look. Other way is to check if you have received any manual with the devices.
hope this helps

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