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Hi Ralph!

I'm setting up a business where I will be doing bookkeeping for clients (franchisees) who all run the same accounting software. All of it will be done remotely....IF i can figure out this remote access stuff.  However, they are NOT networked together...they are all individual business owners, so I think I'll need each one of them to configure their PCs to let me in.    

I run Windows Vista home edition on my home PC, but will need to access whatever clients are running on theirs.  I also will need to be able to access their computers at will....without having to contact them for a log in code each session.  

What software would you recommend for this? And, is it difficult for a VERY non-technical person to set up, and explain to their client how to set up.

thanks Ralph!

Hi Rose, and thanks for your question.

I recommend that you use one of the popular remote access clients that are available. I have used TeamViewer (, LogMeIn (, or GoToMyPC ( These all work similarly - you install a piece of software on each remote computer, and on your computer. You connect all the software to the same account, and then you can access the remote computers from yours through the software. The connection sessions can be encrypted, so your data is safe, and in some cases you can transfer files back and forth if that is a need.

Some of these are free for personal use, but all require purchase for business use, which is your application here.

Good luck, and I hope this helps,


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