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"hello sir ,

I want to connect a 20 computers in LAN with peer to peer communication.the computers are distributed with average distance of 200mts please suggest a best way of connecting the computers

i decided to buy a 24port   dlink or Cisco Ethernet switch  and connect all the LAN cables  from computers .
is it good or i should distribute hub by using 8port switching units.

the win 7 based system on LAN  shows unidentified network and connectivity is  lost often.
connectivity established once pc restarted please help to resolve this."

Your switch should be fine, Selvam, for connecting all the PCs provided each of them is less than 100mtr apart. You can given each computer an IP address like up to with as default gateway. Assign this .100 IP address to your switch. If you have everything default it should work fine. if not you may need to assign .100 to a vlan. creat a VLAN on the switch and assign it

hope this helps.

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