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Dear Scottgem

Is it possible to manufacture a Smartphone device with inbuilt mini
DVD / CD Drive  ?.

The DVD / CD Drive hardware electronics and the supporting software drivers to play data (audio,video etc media) stored in mini DVD / CD ROM Disks ?. The mini disks will have a smaller circular radius as compared to Standard DVD / CD ROM Disks.

Do you feel is it possible to built this hardware within a Smartphone
device ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Anything is possible. So yes this might be possible. However, I don't think there would be a market for it. Many phones come with slots for Micro-SD cards. A DVD holds 4 gigs of data (not sure how much the minis hold), Micro-SD cards go up to 64 (maybe more now) gigs of data. This means you fit almost 18 DVDs on a card. And you can swap out cards as needed.

Hope this helps,

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