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I was wondering would you please explain to me in a simple way that I can understand: is bluetooth and wifi the same thing?


Hi and thanks for your question.

First of all, sorry for not responding sooner. I never received the notification email that your question had arrived!

Bluetooth and WiFi are not the same thing. However, they are similar in that they both are standard ways that electronic devices can talk to one another wirelessly.

WiFi is typically used to connect computers and other devices to a network. For example, the laptop computer I am using right now is connected to my home network using WiFi. My home network is, in turn, connected to the internet, and thereby to the AllExperts site where I am answering your question. I have several other devices connected to my home network using WiFi, including my phone, a tablet computer, and a printer. WiFi connections work over distances of up to a few hundred metres, though longer distances are possible with specialized equipment, like directional antennas.

Bluetooth is a system used to connect devices directly to one another; often, one of those devices is a smart phone. Typically, Bluetooth is used to connect a headset to a phone, a speaker to a device that plays music (like a phone), or a phone to a car. Bluetooth can be used to transmit and receive voice, music, or data. Bluetooth is relatively short range - it only works at distances up to 10 meters (about 33 feet).

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