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Hello Norman, I am on my second wireless router in 6 months. Both times the following has occurred:
the indicator lights on my cable modem the "PC link" and the "cable activity" and the "internet" indicator light on my wireless router go on super speed blinking. My internet usage which I check daily goes from it's usual <0.5GB per day to >6GB. Why?
Also in the mix is VOIP.
Do I need 2 Ethernet cables (1 from the PC to VOIP then to router) or just the 1 from the PC to VOIP.
I do not stream or do anything else (on purpose LOL) that would use a lot of bandwidth.
Thank you for your time.

first contact your voip provider to see how to best isolate your voip and to rule it out as a problem... then reinstall the operating system on your pc to rule out viruses... and change your passwords for everything... sounds like someone hacked your pc... also install a good firewall program to block any unwanted traffic and make sure that your voip can get through...

General Networking/Lan/Wan

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