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I bought a Belkin wireless router almost three years ago.
I set up/added a guest connection that I'd like to now remove. Trouble is I don't know how to remove it. When I phone Belkin for assistance they are unable to do so because my warranty period is over.
I've gone online&performed what I thought was proper steps in removing the network(typing in to site)yet when I get there everything stops. That is to say I always get msg saying the page is unavailable.
This is most frustrating!
Are you able to assit? Can you provide detailed instruction on how I can remove the guest network?

I can't give you detailed instructions, but if going to doesn't get you into the router's setup page, then the router is assigned a different IP address. You have to find out what that is. Maybe the default IP for the router is different or maybe you changed it. You can check all the IPs on your network to see which works.

Once you get into the setup pages, you should be able to find out how to remove it.

Hope this helps,

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