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(POS)system.  We installed the main client to the sever computer in the office and we we're using the shared folder the application was installed to, to open the POS on the workstation computers in the front.  For some reason some of the computers see the shared folder over the network and some don't.  The ones that do are an old Windows XP and a Windows 7.  And the remaining two that don't are a Windows 7 and a Windows 8 computers.  They all see the main server computer, and they all see a shared 'Users' folder but its the main shared application folder for the POS that they don't see. The POS tech support checked our computers and verified everything was installed correctly, and the POS software programs works correctly on every computer. We just have 2 computers that don't see the shared folder.

Hi Jim,
What is the operating system of the server?

On the computers that cannot see the share, make sure that what ever firewall is in use is not blocking the connection.

Make sure that all computers are in the same work group.

If any of the systems are Windows home versions (XP, 7 or 8), home is not easy to network with.

Try connecting to the share by typing \\ServerName\ShareName even if the share cannot be seen.

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