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Hi Sudhanshu,
How do I tell if I have a VPN set up on my computer (windows7)? I may have set it up but then I had other problems and someone had me put change my DNS server numbers to and ...

I'm wondering because it seems that other computers are having a hard time accessing my accounts. For instance, when I was trying to sign up for obamacare and needed their assistance, they had to have their IT team look at it to find out why they couldnt get into it, and then the same thing happened with Time Warner the other day, so i'm wondering if I messed something up. I am obviously not computer savvy. Thanks for any help!

Hi Sara...
Sorry for delayed reply....
If you have to start a client (vpn client) everytime you start you may have one. But what looks to me that you have defined DNS servers and may be other servers as well.

Go to control panel, open network setting, click IPv4 and select "get ip address from a DHCP/automatically" and same thing for your DNS as well.
Click apply/ok. Restart your computer and check.
let me know if you get stuck somewhere.

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