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Dear Sir,

I am allocating IP addr with DHCP Server to my clients with 300Sec a leased time...

I understood renewal time = 50% * leased time, hence After 150 sec i am expecting request from clients to sever for renewal....

But when i captured traffic by  wireshark, DHCP request interval from client is not uniform and changing from 117sec to 147sec

Why ? What could be the reason??? I am not able to send snap shots & wireshark capture by attachment...

M Srinivasa Rao

hi Srini...
ideally, what you are expecting is right. There are two timers with DHCP lease one is renewal which is 1/2 of lease period and another is rebinding timer which is 7/8 of lease period. So essentially you should see a renewal request at 150th sec. But as you said its not so, probably you may check at other functions that DHCP server is playing, how soon cache is getting flushed, have you prioritized the network traffic. If you can capture other packets apart from DHCP you should be able to know why this is happening.

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