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Dear Jeff,

I have several Video steams on my network which has a Bandwidth of 9 mb/s bandwidth.
As soon as, adding one more stream which increase the Bandwidth by 3mb/s(Altogether 12 mb/s) my network slows down.
The streams are all multicast, udp://@
Can you please help me resolve this issue?
Does this have anything to do the NICs and Wake On Lan phenomena on NIC?


Hi Andre,

I'm going to make a few assumptions, which colour my response.  These are:
- Each of the video streams is being run on a different device (no single device is doing more than one video)
- Your service is residential rather than business class
- You have a shared Internet connection (cable, dsl, etc) - in other words you are supposed to have a certain amount of Mbps bandwidth but it's really not guaranteed and can be affected by time of day usage by other people in your "zone"
- Your network is wireless and all devices are on the wireless network

So, if that's correct, then your issue would likely be:
- That you don't have as much bandwidth as you would like or think you have (can be validated using a "speed test"
- Your router can't handle either the bandwidth or the packets per second (solution - get a newer better router - maybe a Cisco e1500 or similar)
- Your cable/dsl modem can't handle either the bandwidth or the packets per second (this would suck since they are often owned by the telco/isp and not you and might be out of your control.

I'm not sure why you would be asking about the NICs and WoL, per se.  Assuming you have one video per device (this is pretty typical since the normal behavior is to watch only one thing at one time ...

If your situation is somehow quite different from what I would expect, then please feel free to elaborate.  Honestly, the most likely thing is the router but ... I only have so much information to go on and therefore have to make assumptions and then speculate afterwards.  The more detail you provide, the better diagnosis may be provided.

I hope this helps, but if you need to provide more info and elaborate, then please do so.



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