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I've been using the alfa R-36 for a couple of days when it started to cut off,I have the usb blue led going off and can't connect to internet,it happens severals time on a one day period.
I have to shut it off from its power or wait a few minutes for the led to come back on.
It doesn't happen while we are not connected to internet and the router is ON,all led are ON.
My set-up goes like this:
Seven pro X64 up to date,R-36 with last firmware pluged to PC,ALFA 36NH 2000mw pluged to the router.
I have used the ALFA 36NH for 3 years without problems,I'm using a free hotspot in the area,the signal is strong and free of any obstacles.
I bought a samsung galaxy so I needed the R-36 to dispatch a signal in the house,then started my problems.
I contacted the tech service where I got the R-36  and they said if it did not lose its power from outlet then the router was the problem,I changed it for a new one and one or two days after it came with the same situation.
I need your help.

Hi Tierry,

Please note that I have no direct experience with this wireless extender.  With that said, it could be the firmware, or the hardware itself.  Hopefully not the latter, especially as you have already swapped that out once.

I'd try saving or writing your settings down, then downloading the latest firmware, resetting to factory defaults, installing the firmware and then re-configuring from scratch.  Hopefully after that, it will become reliable again. The LESS settings that you apply with these simple devices, the better off you are.  Don't use QoS, etc.  Just try and run with a very basic setup.  These things tend to get confused and have more memory leaks and issues when you ask them to do anything more than just route/forward packets.

The thing with any relatively inexpensive consumer-grade gear is that it will eventually fail.  I need to replace my routers here at home every so often.  Sometimes in a year, sometimes after several years.  I have generally better luck with gear from Linksys/Cisco than most other brands but I don't know if they make the kind of extender that you need in this application.

Clean power is usually a good idea - I keep all my routers on a UPS to ensure that any weird voltage issues get smoothed out before they reach my gear.  That could be contributing to your issue and there is no way to know if that is part of it, without monitoring your line - or just to have a small UPS to never worry about it.

I wish you luck and am sorry that I can't offer any truly sage advice in the matter.

Best of luck!


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