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Hi Sudhanshu,

I would like to ask how to split an Ethernet plug into two computers. My condition is like this: I have a Ethernet plug at my table, that plug line is come out from main switch in my office and support multiple IP. My question is, is it possible to split the plug at my table, because I want to use two computers on my table and both computers using different IP. If possible can you let me know how/ using what kind of switch/hub to split one Ethernet cable into two.


Hi Fendi...
Its very simple. You can visit one of the local stores and buy the smallest switch available plus one cross cable and one straight cable. You can connect the cross cable between the Ethernet on your table to one of the ports to the switch. Use existing cable and new cable to connect to your computers.

If you can lay your hands on Hub (price wise not much difference but less functionality, so avoid it) you need to buy two straight cables.

If you are very lucky and if the stores keeps you can get a split-er as well which takes in one Ethernet and gives out two :).

Try your luck
Hope this helps.

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