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QUESTION: Good day
In the following situation, what can you recommend.
With refer to 3 to 4 different people sharing a computer on a single network; and one does not want any one person to monopolize the network- ie. place passwords, control the network, control other peoples files etc.
What do you recommend the 3 or 4 people who use the computer should know so that no one secretly controls everyone data. For example one person added a new user with a password.
Another question is how does one ensure that each of the 4 users have privacy in browsing the internet and that one or one with the password user does not have exclusive access to view everything that the other 3 do on the computer.

ANSWER: What type of network? If it is a domain based network where users are given their own login IDs, then this is handled by Windows. All users should be made standard users on the PC. This means that when they log in they will each have their own User folder. Only the logged in User (or an Administrator) can see anything in the User folder. So as long as they save data in there its pretty safe. Browsing history is also saved in that folder. Each user would have their own password as well.

If its not a domain based network but a peer to peer, then the users need to be explicitly created on the PC, again, with individual passwords, as Standard Users.

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QUESTION: Good day
Think it is a domain based network.
However if the user with the password account; is not the administrator account; what control does this user have over the other users and how could the administrator account settings be changed so as to not give the password user special access / privileges that over the other users.

The standard user has not control over other users. They can't modify or create users. They have limited rights to install things. The administrator account will have control. So you only give that to people who can controls things. All other users should have standard accounts.  

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