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Hi there. There is someone on Twitter pretending to be me by using my name. Whoever it is has posted porn on the timeline in order to mock and harass me. After I got wind of it, the person locked the account so that I can't see any of the ongoing activity.

Twitter fails in the harassment/bullying/spam department, which is why I was trying to conduct an investigation myself. Do you know how to pull a person's IP Address? I have a feeling I know who it is and if the location comes back as what I think, then my suspicions are confirmed.

Hi Miss Wilson,

I'm sorry to hear of this.  Only Twitter can get you back into your account, so you'll need to go to their website and get it unlocked then change the password to one that ONLY you know.  Use something simple yet impossible to guess.

It's a good bet that this person has access to your email now also - if you used the same password.  So change that too.  And your facebook password too - etc etc.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to lookup their IP address - only Twitter has access to that and they probably won't care, and I'm pretty sure they won't give that IP to you.  If they had to chase down stuff like this it would be the only thing they do with their time.  Personally, I have no u

Just shrug it off, delete all the offensive stuff, and move on.  I know you want to get even but unless Twitter will help - and it doesn't sound like they will - then you won't ever be sure.

Good luck!


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