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Hi, I was looking for any advice you could give me on how to improve the quality of live streams, I live abroad and watching English Premier League is vital if I'm to have any happiness and fulfillment in my life.How about download managers? Assuming they do as they claim would it potentially improve a feed? I've had a hard time of it recently and taken years off my life expectancy trying to get a watchable quality so as you can see it's become a matter of 'grave' importance so any knowledge you could share with me could rightfully be descibed as life-saving.There's a game on I've got to see and failure to do so could be...... I can't even entertain the idea.My wife says that I exaggerate things, you may agree? but any assistance would certainly be appreciated enormously, I hope you can help. All the best to you, Si.

Hi Si,

I certainly sympathize with your desire to watch your beloved team play live via streaming ... even though the team in question isn't Machester United  :-)   Just Kidding!  

There are certain technical things that you may have little control over.  You will need to have as good a connection as you can - in Mbps preferably (rather than a slower Kbps).  Thing is that "Mbps" is really CAPACITY (bandwidth) and not actually SPEED (latency) - and they are often confused.  The Mbps is how many "bits per second" can be passed through a network.  BUT ... there is significant LATENCY (round trip) involved - in all likelyhood - to a server that is streaming your desired game - probably all the way from the UK.  

Live streams "don't like" the following: high latency, low bandwidth, packet loss.  To a degree the first two can be mitigated by BUFFERING.  If your client (browser along with some kind of built-in (add on) plug-in) can be configured (or auto-detect) that your available bandwidth and latency is (respectively) small and high - then the client can - hopefully - buffer the data stream so that you can still get a good experience watching the game.   If there is Packet Loss ... especially bad loss - there is pretty much nothing that you can do about it - except maybe to get a better Internet provider (assuming that is remotely possible).

You may wish to check the UK-based TV network that hosts your game - they may have specific recommendations for a Browser and a Plug-in - or even a special client.  Here are some links that might help.  There are options for Live - and also for a Delayed / Repeat link - different Tab for each.

Depending on the LICENSING that is allowed (or not) for Vietnam, you may even need to leverage a VPN - so that the stream is actually done through a "middle-man" and therefore can be seen by you - instead of blocked (the server will think your computer is somewhere else - where the signal isn't blocked).

I hope that this helps you out.  Rest assured that you are not the only fan out there, who needs to overcome some obstacles to enjoy your beloved team.  There should even be someone at a local computer store who can help out, if the obvious doesn't work - this is a relatively common situation for many people, where there aren't conventional agreements in place to allow live streaming, etc.

I wish you all the best!


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