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Hello. There is a person on Twitter pretending to be me by using my name. Whoever it is has posted porn on the timeline in order to mock and harass me. After I got wind of it, the person locked the account so that I can't see any of the ongoing activity. Twitter fails in the harassment/bullying/spam department, which is why I was trying to conduct an investigation myself.

Do you know how to pull a person's IP Address? I have a feeling I know who it is and if the location comes back as what I think, then my suspicions are confirmed.

Hi Miss Wilson,

Unfortunately yes Twitter fails miserably in that department. Furthermore, yes there are many ways to pull an IP but because it's Twitter's servers, only they can do it! But once they have the IP, you have have to go to the provider and the provider would know which customer had that IP. So unless the person committed a crime, only law enforcement would be able to get that information. If you feel you are being harassed you should contact local authorities and they may be able to help you further in such a case.

The only things I can suggest for the future which you can do with pretty much all services now like Gmail, Twitter and so on is what is called a 2-step verification. What that does is that even if you have the password to the account, in order to get in, once you enter the correct password a code is sent as a text message to your phone and only once that code is entered can you get in.

You can also use the following site to generate yourself difficult passwords that no one can guess.

Try writing an email to Twitter and explain the situation. Send them ten emails if you have to until you get an answer.

Meanwhile I hope this helps and I wish you a great evening.


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