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Hello Norman,
I just turned on my computer and every site I try to connect you yields this message: You have reached this web page because you (or your network administrator) are using one or more of the old OpenNIC Tier2 DNS Resolvers which is/are not supported or not actively maintained anymore and as such will be shut down soon.  [another meaningless paragraph, then:] Please take a look at "DNS Servers near you" below to find a new DNS Resolver near you that you can use from now on and make sure to subscribe to the OpenNIC discuss mailing list in order to stay up to date with the available DNS resolvers and receive update information regarding planned maintenance and similar information.

I have no idea what the above means nor do I really care - I just want to be able to connect to the internet.  I'm sending this from a laptop from the same location which seems to have no problem connecting.  I guess it's possible that my laptop has connected to a neighbor's wi-fi but I'm not sure.  Is my desktop actually experiencing a virus and not an internet problem?
Please help!
thanks, Jonathan

first use the laptop that has access to the internet to find out how to change the dns for your operating system on the computer that's getting the message...

once you do that try changing it to and

then your next step is to see if it worked...

if it did not then try changing it in your router... do a google search on how to change the dns in your router...

if that does not work then you have a virus... call a professional...  

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