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Hello and thank you for taking my question. I work for a cottage resort and we would like to improve our WiFi throughout the resort public spaces. At the moment, we have a Charter modem that connects to a NetGear N600 WiFi router (Router 1). Router 1 is hard wired to a second N600 WiFi router a distance away (Router 2). Router 2 is in turn hardwired to a third N600 a bit further down. Hardwired distances are no greater than 100 yards. (One to Two is about 30 yards, two to three is about 70 yards) In other words, each router is daisy chained to the next and router one is connected to the modem. Our contracted internet speed is 15 Mb/S

This system works fine when volume (connections) are low however when we have big meetings with a over a hundred people the system bandwidth is limited and people can hardly connect, if at all.

Is there a better connection scheme or better routers we could use to ensure peak time availability of the network/internet?

first thing I would do is figure out how to limit the bandwidth of those that connect to your router to something that is great for their needs but gives them a small margin...

you might have computers on your network that are infected...
so limiting bandwidth would help with that...

second... you might have one or more bad routers.  If you have as high traffic as you say then chances are a lot of our routers are just burnt out... when traffic is low they work ok.... but as traffic increases the router just cann't handle it... they freeze up... slow down or just drop out... or even reboot...

try figuring out which locations are bad... with high traffic and which are good... move the routers that work well in high traffic area to the ones that work bad in low traffic are and vice versa and see if you can get the issue to follow the router... if it does then you have a bad router...

try that and lets take it from there...

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