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I have an Acer Inspire 1410 with an Atheros AR8131 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NBIS 6.20).  Windows 7 64 bit.

I am connected to a home router via wifi.  The router is working fine as I have other computers connected and they are not having problems.

Wifi had been working fine until yesterday.  I attempted to connect a Garmin GPS via the USB.  Once connected the entire laptop froze up – nothing working.  No mouse or anything.  I had to hard shut down.  When I rebooted there was a message about fixing Windows startup.  I said yes.  It finished that and asked about doing a system restore.  Again I said yes.  It did that and rebooted.

Now – my problem.  After this I cannot get an internet connection.  My Network & Sharing Center says I am connected to my router with an excellent connection.  However – it is constantly “identifying” and it says No Internet Access.  If I go to Change Adapter Settings it shows the following:

- 1 LAN Connection.  With my cable plugged in it says “identifying”.  If I remove the cable it says Network cable unplugged.

- 1 Wireless Network Connection Intel® WiFi Link 1000 BGN.  It also says identifying.

- Another Wireless Network Connection 2 Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter – Not connected

It appears to me as if I have conflicting wireless connections and I have been unable to fix the situation.  Any help is appreciated.

the long and short is you need to reinstall your os....  we could run around and try fixing this issue and that issue but in the end... your os has been corrupted... bite the bullet... download the files you need to the appropriate media and reinstall the os... then try the garmin again... if it happens again then garmin is not compatible with your acer... this happens sometimes...  

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