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I had purchased a cheap 200' cat5e cable and needed to cut it and make a new end.  Once I cut it I noticed that it didn't have the standard color coded twisted cable.  This cable was not twisted and different colors.  Should I be concerned that it isn't the standard twisted cable or not worry about it?  Thanks

Hi Landon,
Network cables (cat 5, 5e, 6, 7) are twisted to help reduce noise and cross talk between the pairs. Noise and cross talk at a minimum can reduce the transmission speed, but most likely will cause transmission errors causing a need to retransmit or result in choppy videos and audio.

If you can properly match the pin lay out (cable map) and you are not worried about noise or cross talk then don't worry about it.

But If it were me I would not trust it. What I would do is go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy a length of CAT 5e to the length you need and make your own. Both stores sell cat 5e by the foot.

When making your own cable if you do not have a meter to verify that they cable map is correct double check or if triple check your map. Crossed pairs, open pairs  or shorts, depending on the pairs, can dramatically reduce your transmission speed if not prevent it all together.

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