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QUESTION: I have asked Computers Unlimited LLC and Scottgem this question. Computers Unlimited never responded and Scottgem said he doesn't know about wi-fi, even though his profile says "All networking," and most people I know use all wi-fi.
Now, time for the question:

No matter how strong or weak my wifi connection is, whether I am 1 foot away from being out of range or 1 foot away from my router, I keep getting booted off my network. There are no restrictions/firewalls doing this.
Wi-fi router: Cisco Linksys E4200
Devices affected:
GT-p5113TSYXAR, rooted, CWM, Most bloatware removed, no custom ROM/kernel
SM-T530NYKUBNN, 100% unmodified


If you can answer this, please do so. If not, please tell me of another expert who can. If you can do neither, that's OK

ANSWER: are you having issues with other computers staying on the network...

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: One Smart TV and one Smartphone are also experiencing issues. Other than that, no. My ISP is Xfinity. I am paying for 150 mbps, but only getting 25 kbps. If this is the cause of the problem, please let me know. Thanks for the quick response!

first test your wifi signal strength... usually your connecting device will show you by bars of some kind how strong your signal strength is... verify that your signal is strong in the range that you are in and consistent... if not consistent get get new xfinity box... if still not consistent new router.

if signal strength is consistent then your next step is to turn off all devices using wifi except one and see if it still happens.... if it does then your issue is speed or badwidth... check for bandwidth hogs... see if someone is stealing your bandwidth... and lock them out... if unable to do that... then get another xfinity box... issue may be the box...

best I can tell you guy...

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