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Hi Scott,
I wonder whether you can assist me.  I have a number of Option Groups with checkboxes inside.  These boxes have a black box inside them so they kind of look like they could be ticked and it is confusing my users.  I am using Access 2013.  Is there any way I can prevent this from happening?  It seems so simple but I can't find out how to prevent it. (btw it doesn't happen with a simple checkbox, only in Option Groups).
I'd be most grateful for your help.
Regards, Kary

I rarely use checkboxes in Option groups for just that reason. An unchecked value looks funny. You can try making the Default value for each to be 0 so it would appear as False rather than unchecked.

I would recommend using radio buttons instead of checkboxes if that doesn't work.

Hope this helps,

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