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I have firewall behind router in my network and router is device (small) facing internet.. suppose i have static ip given by service provider which is only live/static ip to and where will i have to configure port forwarding for ipsec client vpn which is configured on my server 2008 r2. as vpn clients will need live/static ip  to dial from remote location. Between  router and my server/lan there is firewall which will also need any ip on its wan interface...

Hi Adnan
The WAN side of your router should be connected to the internet, your firewall should be connected to your LAN side of your router. With the firewall on the LAN of your router you can issue it a static IP from the private address scheme you use (IE 192.168.X.X).

Depending on what type of router you have you may have to configure port forwarding in both the router and firewall. Home routers from Linksys, Belkin, D-Link and Netgear have firwall built in to them.

General Networking/Lan/Wan

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