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QUESTION: I have several HP dc7900 SFF computers. One has a PCI card however, the others do not. I want to set one up exclusively for TV entertainment. I'm thinking about just using a USB 2.0 Wireless Adapter. The computer would be about 25' from my router.
Here's my question:
I have a Belkin N600 WiFi Dual Band N+ Router. At either band it puts out 300mbps. The wireless adapter I have in mind to use is a Belkin AC867 dual band wireless adapter. I believe it puts out 300mbps at 2.4GHz and 867mbps at 5.0GHz.
Because my router only is capable of 300mbps at both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHZ would the Belkin AC867 be overkill? Should I just go with a less expensive wireless adapter that only puts out 300mbps across the board.
I will be using the computer for my TV entertainment as previously stated......streaming from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon fire stick.
I don't have much knowledge in this area. Thanks for your time, efforts, and response as it will be greatly appreciated!

ANSWER: Hi Dennis, and thanks for your question.

In most cases, your local WiFi connection is not the bandwidth bottleneck. It is usually the internet connection itself. You can test yor internet speed by using this web site:

Try this site from your computer at various times of the day, especially at prime TV viewing time, to get an idea of what your internet connection can deliver (download speeds). You will almost certainly find that this is much slower than your WiFi speeds, unless you are connection to the internet via a fiber optic connection, like FIOS.

High Definition streaming TV usually requires about 5-7 Mb/s of data, while the up-and-coming 4K video streaming can used up to 30-40 Mb/s. As long as your download speeds can consistently handle it, your WiFi hardware will certainly be up to the task.

Best of luck!


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QUESTION: My internet speed from my provider is 25mbps. So I'm assuming that these wireless adapters stating they have 300mbps at 2.4GHz and 867mbps at 5.0GHz is what they will put out as a maximum should I have the internet speed to accomplish that???? All I'm going to get from any device is 25mbps????????

Hi Dennis,

There's an old saying in the computer networking business: your connection is only as fast as its slowest link. I think that it applies here.

If your internet connection is only going to provide you with a download speed of 25 Mb/s, then unfortunately there's no way that upgrading the components of your LAN, whether wired or WiFi, is going to enable you to download from the internet any faster.

Now, note that if you are transferring large amounts of data between computers within your local network, then making sure that your LAN components are as fast as possible will be helpful. However, if you are primarily using content from the internet (as most people do these days), then your download speed is the limiting factor.

If you think that you need more download speed, about all you can do is upgrade the connection from your internet provider, most likely at additional monthly cost. Before you take that step, you should just give it a try as it is. You may find that your connection is fast enough for your needs. If not, then you can look into upgrading and see if it is worth the additional cost.

Best of luck!

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