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Hello Ralph,

My current job requires me to work from home.
The benefits of living in a triplex apartment is that in the summer, I work in the cool basement. In a few months, as the temperatures cool down, I hope to work in the apartment on the 3 floor.

At home the router is situated on the second floor in the far left corner of the building (facing the backyard). My basement office is directly underneath it. So far I have not experienced any problems with the internet connection. The future office on the 3rd floor will be located in a room which faces the front yard.

The below diagram is a top view of one apartment floor.

back yard
1          2|
3          4|

1- where the wifi is located
2 - wifi connection not bad
3 and 4 - wifi connection weak

Even on the second floor, at times the wifi connection is not strong, depending on which room I am at. Oddly enough, our router is less than a year old. I'm worried when I move to my new office there will be problems with the wifi.

Besides getting another router, do you know of any gadgets that can improve the wifi connectivity?

Thank you for reading.


Hi Steven, and thanks for your question.

Yes, there are some options to help a weak WiFi signal. Which will work for you depends on your circumstances. Here is an article that details the steps you should take:,2817,2372811,00.asp

This is a great article, in that it steps you through things to try, from the simple and no-cost, through more complex and expensive.

Here's another, similar article:

This article has a couple of other, different ideas to try.

Good luck!


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