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Dear Sir,

We are manufacturing unit dealing in cleaning and processing of various kinds of whole spices, located in India. Until now we had a very limited production capacity, but now we are planning to increase that.

So with increased capacity we will have to search new buyers also.
I know who are our potential buyers. They are some institutional buyers who repack or reuse our products according to their requirements. In short we are looking for wholesale buyers.

My question is, in a condition where those buyers do not know me, neither my company, nor my products, what should be my initial approach towards them, in today's fast paced life.
1) Should I send an Intro letter of my company with some samples and wait for the response.
2) E-Mail them.
3) Call them and explain about ourselves, and if they permit look for a personal visit.
4) Directly visit their factory/office with the samples/products I deal in, and communicate with them personally regarding our company, products, etc.

What would be appropriate???

Please note the companies I want to contact may be getting hundreds of letters, mails, and phone calls everyday.

Please Help...

If you wish to be successful you will likely need to do all four!  Divide your potential clients into three groups.

The first group is the high priority group. You know something about them, they purchase lots of spices and you feel very good about being able to supply them. Now, prepare a beautiful package with samples of your top five spices wrapped beautifully and with an explanation about your company, how long you have been in business, your quality standards, your ability to supply the most demanding customers. Put all of this in a beautiful box and send it to the top prospects via DHL or FedX  NOT regular mail.  Also, call to find out the name of the CEO of the company and that is who you will send this to. Make it really special, even possibly include some recipes for the spices. This has to be something that will really get their attention. A magnificent wooden box at minimum for the samples which should be in test tube type glass with beautiful cork stoppers. You will only have one chance to impress them. Include all your contact information and tell them you will be calling in a few days to answer any questions about your company. Then call and email them no more than three days after they have received the package (make sure you get a signature of receiving) and also offer to have them visit or as if you could come and visit them to tell them more. Give them a compelling reason to buy spices from you. (quality, safety, potency, freshness are all better than price)

The second group, not as high a possibility or volume, prepare a beautiful brochure on your company, include a few small packets of spice in little bags and also use DHL or Fed X but the economy service. Call this group a week after you ship the small packets.

The last group is the distributors or wholesalers that you have little chance of reaching, very low volume. Just prepare a email and your brochure on line. For this group just send emails and follow up with a phone call a day or two after emailing.

Good luck!

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