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I have a product that I am looking to sell to specialty / boutique stores and I am wondering about how much margin these retailers are expecting?  For example, if my cost to them is $10, how much would they need to sell the product to stay in business?

There is no single answer for the margin any retailer needs to sell a product for in order to stay in business. The margin needed will vary depending upon the product, the category, the competition, and. So on.

I think the best method for you to determine if your product  will fit the needs of the specialty shops/boutiques your aiming for is by understanding the product they offer currently and how your product fits in, compliments, or adds value to their offering. You understand the costs involved with your product, so how does what the currently offer in comparison; in price,  quality,etc.

Perhaps not the black and white answer you were looking for but there''s a lot of grey involved.


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