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I'd appreciate your answer to the following:

I've been in contact with a company in the Philippines who'd like me to distribute their products in Canada.  From what I can determine the product is now being brought in from the U.S. and retails between $2.00-$3.00 Canadian.  In making my calculations, can I assume that the retailer would mark up 100% on the wholesale price or is this too high?  Generally, what percentage should I as the middle man get?  I would be trying to find clients for the manufacturer overseas. I wouldn't be handling the import/export of the product itself.

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ANSWER: Hello Howard

You have not specified the cost of the product, so to answer your question on a more holistic level, yes, retailers want to double their money on products. Depending on volumes you are selling (eg, National chains), they may also want some form of marketing support.

A general percentage for middle man doesn't really apply - ultimately in business, your goal is to maximize your margin while providing a service that is a win for the other parties in the chain. If you can deliver a good margin for your retailer (eg, they can double their money) and you can make 35% margin, that is an excellent position for you. IF you only make 10%, then you don't have a viable business, as you have no buffer for currency variations, freight increases, returns, damaged stock, etc.

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Thanks for your answer.

I'll add more detail.  The product is baby wipes.
I figure that if I made a 35% margin, the product's price would be more or less equivalent in price to what the national chain is getting from the U.S.  The retailer would definitely double their money.
The manufacturer in the Philippines wants a minimum order of 50,000 packs.
He tells me that the payment from the client would be 70% upfront and 30% upon delivery.  I have no idea if this is standard from a client's viewpoint.
Delivery time would be around 3 months.

If after reading the above, you think it is a go, then who in the national supermarket's head office to I go after?
How should I go after him:  by sending a letter of introduction with some samples, or by making an appointment to go see him...

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best Regards,

Hi Howard,

If you can make 35% margin, and the retailer can double their money, you will have a winning product - if you are approaching supermarkets, be aware FMCG work on different systems and margins than specialty retail. Lower margins actually, which can be to your benefit. But they expect help moving product, marketing support etc.

AS such, don't go in with your best price! If say, the retail is $3, then try them at $1.80 first, not $1.50. They will eventually squeeze your margin down.

You should make an appointment and go see the buyer for sure, but first, I would try and find out your competitors pricing model so you can ensure you aren't wasting your time. And when you do meet, have clear pricing, samples, and ensure you anticipate and can answer all their questions!

And like everything, ensure it is all in writing before you proceed, or you will own a lot of baby wipes!


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