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Hi Jeff, how are you doing. thanks for reading this question. I have one legal question about labelling products. is one allowed to buy other's products to make their own product using and altering other's products and label the product with their company name? personally I am assuming its ok as the products would be second hand after altering them to make one's own products. hopefully I will receive your reply, thanks.

I apologize for the delay in response.

This isn't exactly cut and dry, however I would say unless you have an agreement with the previous manufacturer/vendor, this will cause you trouble.

You do see companies alter product for resale but it is generally based on keeping the previous vendor's product integrity. Examples may be pens, shirts, etc., that are customized and sold. There are agreements in place for these between the company altering and the original company.

Not knowing the specific product you are talking about, you are dealing with patents, trademarks, and often developmental costs. Companies are very protective of these as the cost of development aside from patents and trademarks can be very costly.

I highly recommend you do not do this without consulting a lawyer that specializes in this area.

Personally I think that without express permission, this lacks the integrity you would want to establish yourself and company with.


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