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I am interested in purchasing Twitter stocks when it goes public.  I am new to investing in stocks and I've been having a hard time finding out if I could purchase Twitter stocks directly through the company.  Do you happen to know?



Hi Lynnsie,

In general you probably cannot buy the stock directly through the company unless you work for the company and they offer it to you through some sort of sharing plan, or some other way. If you have not been notified that you can buy shares in the stock directly from the company by now then you are not eligible. The underwriters of the IPO will be allowed to purchase most of the stock and sell it to the public on the stock exchanges. This will be the opening day for the IPO and is when 99.9% of the Joes and Janes of the public sector will be able to buy the stock.

I do want to tell you that I think your staying up on some things in the stock market is admirable. I would also like to emphasize that though some IPO's can be profitable over the long term, a lot of times the emotions of some purchasers of IPO's are whippsawed and can lose money. In reality there are a lot of people that lose money in IPO's.

My methodology is that I will always wait till I can get 10 years of data on a company before I will invest in it. I just like to see a long history of something before committing myself to it.

Let me know if I need to answer any other questions you may have or if I did not answer this question thoroughly enough for you.  

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