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Which stocks or sectors which recovered well post 2008 - fell the most in 2008?

I can give you some help on the Sector part of your question but even that will be partial help. I'm sorry but to research this would be very time consuming for me and my schedule will not allow for it.
As for the sectors, here is the way Morningstar has rated the performance of the sectors that they monitor since 2/7/2008:
         5 Year
Sector          Since 2008
Consumer Cyclical   10.2
Consumer Defensive   10.14
Technology          10.07
Healthcare          8.58
Industrials          5.23
Real Estate          4.18
Communication Services    2.92
Energy          2.85
Utilities          2.19
Basic Materials          2.01
Financial Services   -2.99

As for which of these fell the most or how much they fell during the downturn that is one of the research items that would take up too much of my time to come up with. But try this link and then scroll down to page 11. There is a chart there that might give you some insight.

As for stocks, there are 6,000 stocks or more that I just do not have the ability to go back and look at. I think if you look at the sectors that fell the most then you can concentrate on that sector to find the stocks that might possibly fell a large percentage from before the downturn. How those same stocks performed since then you can look at various stock market websites, plug in the symbol and then ask for a 5 year chart.

You sound like you are looking at long term trends. I believe you are doing well to look at long term trends. I know they have benefited me in my investing. What is your final goal, that is, what will this information that you are asking for get you close to? Maybe if I knew the goal you are ultimately trying to achieve I can help you from a different angle.

I'm sorry that I have not answered your question fully, write back if you need to.

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