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I am 71 years old
I have franklin FKUSX and my div. has been going lower and lower and down to $200,  which I reinvest.

I also have a mortg bal. which I pay $465 a mo/30year
I am wondering if I should pay off the Mortg, this would give me and extra $265 a month, which I would save.

my original thought was, if the time should come and I need to pay services to help me stay in my home, I would have the Franklin to do that.

As of late, I am worried whether the Franklin will be there/survive the poor economy?

thank you very much.

I like trying to help someone when I can, but this is outside of my expertise. I think you will need someone else to help you figure this out.

You mentioned things like your FKUSX (mutual fund?) dividend getting lower, your mortgage, and home services. All these things I do not have much expertise in. To figure out what you need to do I would have to do a lot of research outside of my business and I would have to talk with you personally to find out so much more about your financial picture as far as assets, liabilities, goals, obligations, etc.

You might could try taking these steps to find someone else on All Experts whom are more experts than I am to help you with your concerns. Try these steps: > Money > Financial Planning > Personal Investment & Financial Planning Q`s, or > Money > Financial Planning > Retirement Planning.

I hope this will get you more expert advice.

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