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Hello again.
At the end of every quarter, the NY Sunday Times publishes a special "Mutual Funds Report" , reviewing the last quarter's results. A table is presented listing name, nature of fund, Morningstar Ratings, closing NAV, % return for the last quarter, year, and 5 years, expense ratio, securities' turnover rate, and manager's length of service. Amongst it's many funds, the Janus group offers it's eponymous "Janus Fund", a security which I own. In examining the listings in the Times' Report, I am unable to find this fund. While the abbreviated names used - which do not correspond to the ticker designations (JANSX for the Janus Fund) - can sometimes be obscure, by checking the closing NAV's (34.75 for the Janus Fund) one can usually find the desired entry. However, this has not worked this time around, and although there is the very remote chance this was a typographical error of omission, I seem to recall it having happened also last quarter. Any suggestions?

I would call the fund manager or cust service and ask them  whats up...but then i dont own funds and i have not wasted my time reading the NY Times in 10 years. Not interested in propaganda from the wall street boys.  3 questions..

how does your fund perform when compared to the dow

are you currently at a high or near a high and in profit

do you have a money market fund available

i ask these as we are about to hit a dow drop in my opinion ref the debt ceiling bull..when they start harping on this bull and the market starts to pull back, you should look at how your fund dropped related to the recent may/june normal correction when ibm dropped from around 205 to 191.

If your fund took a 10% or better hit, i would convert all my janus  to money market short term and wait for the resolution/

If you own 100 units and a price drop of 2 bucks occurred. that means every ten units is now 20 bucks cheaper to rebuy so 200 bucks made or to use to buy more janus units to hold for the next rise.

aug sept will be the next normal peak, then a drop to middle to end of oct and then a rise to jan 14... this is an avg trend movement..but the exact move can be shorter..example last year ibm a dow bellweather stock..hit a high on 18 april 2012 then pulled back to peak 5 bucks lower in may at 205  then pulled back to 183 by end of june and then rose by late sept back to 199 and over 200 by jan 13.

this year it was shorter and more direct..peaked april at 210 avg then big fast 15 buck drop follow by rising with the dow to 208 in may and then the normal pullback in june brought it to 191 for a 3 time bounce...

hits 191 went to 194 dropped to 191 went to 195 back to 191 now around 192

market manipulation at its best

good luck

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