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QUESTION: Hi, my question is, I am thinking about starting a daytrading account with Merrill Lynch online. My plan is in the future  to open a margin account and depoist about 29,000. Maybe once or twice a day go in and out of a stock. I would only be using my own money in the margin account. by doing this would I be avoiding interest  on margin? Do you see any pitfalls in what I am planning on doing?  Thanks


Avoiding interest is a good idea but the probability of making money via day trading is low. Most day traders use technical analysis, which most studies suggest has no predictive power. Markets are generally highly efficient, meaning that trends in securities prices are already reflected in the current prices. In other words using past prices, patterns and volume information will not likely help you make money in the securities markets. Day trading seems glamorous to some people and the media makes it seem that is an easy way to make money but it certainly not easy to make money this way.

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QUESTION: Hi, thank you for answering my question, I have one more quick question, whould the technical analyasis work better if you use it for a longer period of time say a week? Thanks


You are welcome. The answer is generally no.  Markets react very quickly to new information such as price changes.  If a stock has gone up for 364 consecutive days (highly unlikely), does this mean that the stock will rise on day 365? The answer is no.  Actually, when stocks consistently rise, some times their price to earnings ratios become unjustifiably high (internet stocks 1999)and are more likely to fall than rise in the future.

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