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My wife is 47 years old & her ultrasound result shows multiple tiny gallbladder stones since seven years. Occasionally she feels mild to moderate pain which subsides just after taking a pain killer like Diclofanic sodium.
         As she is suffering from this problem since seven years.Whether she is a candidate for surgery OR her symptoms can be subsided by other kind of treatment/remedy?
         Seeking for an early reply,please.
         Thanks a lot,

Dear Najmus,

Yes, your wife is a candidate for surgery. Once there are stones present in the gallbladder, there is always the risk that a stone can migrate to the common bile duct and cause gallstone pancreatitis. It is due to the gallstone blocking the ducts of the liver and pancreas, causing the fluids to back flow to the organs. It can be an emergency if the stones are unable to be retrieved through endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP).

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