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In August 2007, I had cervical disc surgery where the Orthopedic surgeon took a piece of my hip to build a cage in my cervical spine instead of using the bone bank Ö several months later I had problems in the hip surgical area and found that I had an incisional hernia.  I had this hernia repaired and figured, well no harm and go on with my life Ö well, 3 hernia repairs later, I am still dealing with this incisional hernia Ö I do not know what went wrong!  I know the Orthopedic surgeon made a mistake but did the mesh fail me, did the General surgeon fail me?  How do you know if the mesh that was used has been recalled?  Itís not like they sent me a letter to return myself for service .. I just recently had to have another surgery and this time it was an extremely painful and extensive surgery and just short of being an emergency room case. The surgeon told me in 3 Ė 6 months I need a CAT scan to keep an eye on this hernia repair, they didnít expect what they found!   I had a bowel resection planned and ironically the hernia acted up just the day before; otherwise, this would have been an emergency repair.  Should I be getting a lawyer to find out what happened?

Dear Arline,

Is the hip surgery the only surgery ever had? Did you ever have your appendix out? Gallbladder removed? Colon or intestinal surgery? Anything you can think of? The reason I ask is because a hernia is the abdominal contents, either the small intestine or the omentum, slipping through a weakened area of the abdominal cavity. The surgeon would have had to incise the abdomen to reach the hip. It does not seem logical. If you never had abdominal surgery in your entire life, then you may have a case.  

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